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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy? Please read before booking!

Deposit is non-refundable! We cannot stress this point enough.

The following refund policies apply:

  • Within 6 months of the commencement date : No deposit refunded + 30% of total RRP forfeited 
  • Within 3 months of the commencement date : No deposit refunded + 50% of total RRP forfeited 
  • Within 6 weeks of the commencement date : 100% RRP forfeited


If you cannot make one of our trips due to border closures the following options will apply :

  • Full line of credit valid for 12 months.
  • Full cash refund if your spot can filled (we will also help you do this).

Do people travel solo on your tours?

Absolutely! We take loads of people who choose to travel solo for a variety of reasons.

Is there an age limit or minimum for the tours?

All Entourage tours require a minimum age of 18 years old all the way up to 35*

Do I need travel insurance?

Absolutely, everyone must have full coverage travel insurance at time of booking & for the duration of the tour otherwise you will not be permitted on the tour.

Is a deposit required to secure my spot?

Yes, in order to secure your spot on the tour a deposit must be made. Remaining payment is required to be made 12 weeks before the tour commences. Payment can be made by Merchant Warrior, Credit Card or Direct Transfer. You will not be permitted on the tour if you have failed to pay for the trip in full.

Will there be free time on tour?

Of course there will be time to rest and recover, as you will need it. If you’re up for the challenge, tour guides will be happy to provide general information and suggest local hotspots to check out, otherwise the free time is yours. Free time differs between each tour.

Do I pay for the activities mentioned in the tour?

No, the tours are all-inclusive unless stated otherwise. You will not have to spend money as they have been prepaid for.

Are the bus rides long?

Bus trips can differ from a quick 30 minutes to a 4-hour scenic expedition. You will be made aware of all trip times before the tour kicks off and will always receive frequents pit stops no matter what.

Is there a luggage limit?

Yes, we take a maximum 20kgs per traveller for the Entourage European tours. The Queenstown and Coachella tours have no limitations. You will have to pay for extra luggage if your tour involves flights, as airlines are very strict, this is non-negotiable.

Will my tour go ahead?

Tours are subject to change depending on a certain number of bookings. All travellers will be contacted immediately in regards to whether your tour is going ahead or not if numbers are reached. However Entourage Tours offer authentic, one of a kind traveller experiences, due to this demand is extremely high and tours will virtually always depart.

Are group discounts offered?

Absolutely, we offer group discounts to 5+ travellers who will get $150 off per person. (The discount will be made void if you go through a travel agent). Please contact us at info [at] for more info about group bookings.

What time will the day normally start?

Start times vary depending on the tour however breakfast will be somewhere between 7am and 11am (this is subject to change). Travel days will require strict wake up times so don’t be late.

Is a Visa required?

Visa requirements are subject to which country you are coming from and going to. Different passports may also have certain extra requirements that must be met. To ensure you have the correct documents prior to departure please contact your local associated embassy for more information or feel free contact Entourage Tours (info [at] and we will be happy to help you out.

Where will I be sleeping?

Accommodation will differ depending on the tour you have selected. It will vary from 3-5 star hotels, yachts, camping, VIP Teepees (Lake Eldorado). For specific info concerning your accommodation or selected tour feel free to email Entourage Tours (info [at] and we will endeavour to provide you with more information. 

Do I need to renew my passport if it will expire during my trip?

To avoid any complications upon arrival and departure you are required to have a valid passport for a minimum of 6 months.

When will I have all travel documents?

Travel documents will be downloadable from a private Facebook group as well as an emailed copy sent through to you 25 Days before your tour departs. Upon arrival, hard copies of these documents will be received.

My family and friends want to know where I’ll be – How can they do this?

Each traveller will be provided a full comprehensive list of all emergency contact details as well as contact numbers for the accommodation you will be staying at every night. 

Can I participate on an American tour if I am underage?

Of course you can. However, in the USA (all states) the legal gambling, clubbing and drinking age is 21 years old. Rarely you may be able to attend 18+ events but you should be made aware that you might not be able to participate in all activities like the 21+ travellers can. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of 21.

How do I meet the people on my tour before it begins?

Each tour will have a private group on Facebook created by Entourage Tours. Once a deposit has been made you are free to meet and get to know each other prior to departure.