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What To Pack To Slay Your Sail Week

28 February 2019

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By Eve Swain

If you are looking for the party of the year?

Scrap that - The FLOATING festival of your Instagram dreams?

We have it.

It is where over 50 international party yachts band together in some of the most beautiful locations in the world...but be warned Sail Week isn’t for the faint hearted.

Here are some survival tips and tricks to packing before heading out on your yacht this year.


Avoid bringing hard suitcases - there is literally no where to put them once the boat gets too full except in your room. So save some space with a soft duffle bag. Also a small bag is great for everyday use.


Deodorant: Do all your crewmates a favor and apply. And then reapply.

Hair brush: Of course!!

Razor: If you know, you know...

Toothbrush & Toothpaste: Cause nobody likes morning breath...ew

Medical Kit: Only one person in your crew needs to bring it. Make sure it has band-aids, antiseptic, hydrolites, and pain meds for those nasty headaches and hangovers. Also, don’t forget to through something in there for seasickness.


Quick dry fabrics are the best fabrics. You’ll find you will mostly be in swimmers the whole time so you don't want to leave anything wet inside your room for too long. Again. Ew.

Hot Tip: Most boats have clothes pegs. But, just to be safe buy a package at the store when you do your big shopping trip.


While boats are a fun place to party they are usually, almost, ALWAYS slippery and have lots of these little metal things on the deck which are specifically designed to break your toes. Do yourself a favor and bring a pair of boat shoes or, at the very least, a pair of shoes that will protect your feet and stop you from slipping.

For The Ladies

To reiterate the above, safe shoes means no stilettos (and if you wish to bring a pair make sure they’ve got a thick base - aka wedges!)

While some of us may have a very routine makeup regime, I am just going to say that most days you will either swim (or sweat) off your makeup. So products that are SPF friendly and waterproof are will be what you need.

Also, if you are obsessed with bikinis (like I am) my best packing tip is to pack everything else first. Then, however many bikinis you can fit in your bag after is how many you bring.

Polarized Sunglasses (with neck strap)

Hats & Head Scarves (protect those necks and faces people!)

Props & Toys

The only route where you can buy all of your rafts, toys, and props easily is at the marina in Greece.

Some Inspo:

Country Flag for your crew

Waterproof Deck of Cards



Inflatable rafts & floaties

Final Regatta Crew Costumes

Random Bits and Bobs (not essential but helpful)

Auxiliary-cord/ CD’s: Each boat has a different stereo so BYO tunes just to be safe.

LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

GoPro (with Floaty Stick)

Selfie Pole: You might not look so cool but it’ll help capture some epic moments.

Multi-port charger

Floating key chain

Dry-bag (Great if you are bringing a camera or any electronic that is not waterproof!)

Battery powered fan for your cabin – some but not all boats have A/C and fans.

What Not to Pack

Linens, pillows or towels—they’re provided!

Sunscreen, aftersun lotion, mosquito repellant, shampoo, conditioner & soap!

Once you have the essentials packed, the rest of the toiletries can be shared with your crew. It is so much more functional sharing these basics then everyone carrying several different sizes and shapes of shareable toiletries.

Once you’ve ticked these bad boys off your list, prepare for the sailing party of a lifetime with us.

Lets make some memories !

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