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SZIGET TOUR - Our biggest yet!

22nd Dec 2016 | sziget , budapest , hungary , Athens , Greece , Europe , The Yacht Week

Sometimes 2 weeks just isn't enough! So we have created a trip which is slightly longer. Introducing our 18 day European tour, Sziget!

This festival is based on a small island in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Bustling with many cultural activities, one of the main ones being the Széchenyi Thermal Bath which was built in 1913. Don't worry this is definitely part of the tour.

Afterward getting to know Budapest very well we all fly down to Athens for 3 nights where among many activities we have a private dinner in the Acropolis at night. Just imagine this for a moment.

Final leg we head down to Lavrio where it's check-in day for THE YACHT WEEK. If you've experienced this you'll understand what we are on about. It's a MUST do while in Europe. 25-30 boats on the Greece route, around 250 people all sailing and partying for 7 days. I'll leave the rest up your imagination and this video link....

TYW GREECE - click me

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