Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Fest 2016

Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Fest. Recap!

28 September 2016

For its second year in a row the Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival hit the Sunshine Coast only a mere few weeks ago.  If you’re suffering from major FOMO we’ve got you covered with a recap of the day’s epic line up.

The festival showcasing some of the best local artists the coast has to offer, kicking off the epic line up bright and early is one of Australia’s best young female artists, Vera Blue attracting a massive crowd captivating the audience with fan favourites such as ‘Patterns’ and ‘Settle’.  Throughout the day the crowds swelled enjoying the divine weather under the watchful eyes of the huge inflatable humanoids, just one of the many amazing art installations the festival had to offer.

As day turned to night some of Australia’s biggest artists took to the stage including City Calm Down and one of Australia’s most celebrated live performers Matt Corby. Corby mesmerized the crowd with chilling renditions of hits such as ‘Resolution’ and ‘Brother’ living up to expectations and leaving the crowd drooling.

Wrapping the festival up for the night was Aussie DJs Peking Duck, playing their biggest hits. As the rain poured down the DJ duo were able to reward their dedicated crowd to a debut new song along with the help of George Maple.

Bringing the festival to a close were the funky tunes from Client Liaison. Supported by epic choreographed dance moves and stunningly beautiful outfits, one of Australia’s coolest bands were able to keep the crowd pumping even with the rain around.

It seems as though the festival has again been able to provide one epic line up and impressive art installations for the second year in a row. We have no doubt next year will be even better, drawing bigger crowds and cannot wait to see how it turns out. So be sure not to miss out on one of Queensland’s best music & visual arts festivals next year.

Check out the epic recap video through the eyes of the guys over at Pineapple Express. Watch me! 

Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Fest 2016
Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Fest 2016