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10 Cafes To Satisfy ALL Your Bali Brunch Dreams

1st Mar 2019 | Bali , Canggu , Brunch , Cafes , travel

by Eve Swain x

Missed your brekkie deal? Or just don’t feel like eating a big meal before your big night?

Answer? Dunch.

Ehh that's not it.

Maybe we’ll just stick to Brunch - yeah that sounds better.

We have everything from the thickest loaded fries to the most orgasmic acai bowls in town!

Whether you’re nursing a major hangover or feel like brunchin’ in style… here is the ultimate list of food dreams - *cough* *cough* for a quarter of the price.

  • Kynd Community, Seminyak.

  • Strawberry Fields, Seminyak.

  • Bukit Cafe Bali, Uluwatu.

  • Bali Bola, Seminyak.

  • Shelter Café, Legian.

  • Nalu Bowls, Canngu & Uluwatu.

  • MILK & MADU, Canggu.

  • Silk Road Cafe, Canggu.

  • Watercress Cafe, Ubud & Seminyak.


And if that hasn't satisfied all your brunch worthy needs...

Let us know in the comments how you like to brunch! X




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Stay in the loop


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