Hideout Tour Croatia

About Entourage Tours

When we started, we had a thirst for something other than just another watered-down tour experience. We itched to go to real music festivals - we hungered to find the world’s wildest parties. So when the time came, we gave our tours a little bit of a twist and became the pioneers of music festival tours.

We've sought out unique festivals Hideout and Sunny Side Up - both universally regarded as the ultimate experience, year in and out attracting the biggest names in the business. Imagine watching the afternoon sunset in Greece, or partying on a mountain in Spain, sunning yourself in Croatia or even cycling in Barcelona. It’s about being more than just a tourist - we don’t have time for overcrowded over-rated attractions, instead we focus on visiting out-of-this-world, heart-stopping sights.

Our name reflects our philosophy - to surround our travellers with an entourage of specialised knowledge from our invaluable tour guides. Your tour guide will have no problem helping you find the hottest local haunts having experienced and unearthed each city’s finest restaurants, cafes, shops, nooks and crannies leaving us with what’s best on offer. Entourage knows all the good places to eat and who does the best take-out so you won’t have to spend ages figuring out Yelp and chewing through your overseas bandwidth.

Half the fun isn’t even the festival destination - it’s the adventures along the way. Having access to festival tickets that sell out to the general public in mere seconds is pretty good, but if that doesn’t impress you then the line-up of VIP clubs you’ll get to experience definitely will. VIP treatment is a high priority for Entourage Tours and, alongside always providing the highest standard of accommodation, we also give our customers the opportunity to party like rock stars at Hideout with VIP the entire way.

If you’re curious, come get involved with us in the US or party yacht-to-yacht in Croatia. Or just send us a message and get to know us. One thing you can know for sure is that we’ll take you to the best music festivals around the world and places that you will never ever forget - we did it first and we know how to do it best.

Life is too short for boring sh!t