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Snowbombing Tour 2017

24th March ‐
8th April 2017

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Hideout Tour 2017

24th June ‐
8th July 2017

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Bilbao BBK Live Tour 2017

26th June ‐
11th July 2017

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Sziget Tour 2017

9th ‐ 26th August 2017

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Whitsundays Yacht Life 2017

20th ‐ 26th August 2017

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Ibiza Tour 2017

5th ‐ 18th September 2017

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Who We Are

When we started, we had a thirst for something other than just another watered-down tour experience. We itched to go to real music festivals - we hungered to find the world’s wildest parties. So when the time came, we gave our tours a little bit of a twist and became the pioneers of music festival tours. It’s about being more than just a tourist - we don’t have time for overcrowded over-rated attractions, we visit the hottest local haunts and out-of-this-world sights. Half the fun isn’t even the festival destination - it’s the adventures along the way. If you’re curious come get involved with us in California or party yacht-to-yacht in Croatia. Or just send us a message and get to know us. One thing you can know for sure is that we’ll take you to the best music festivals around the world and places that you will never ever forget. Life is too short for boring sh!t

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    Entourage Tours X Student Flights

    If this announcement is anything to go by… 2017 is going to be HUGE! 

    A massive thank you to every single one of you that have played a part in our journey so far.


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